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Red Pagoda Double-coated White Cardboard

Product overview Hongta double-sided coated white cardboard is mainly aimed at high-end market packaging fields such as medicine, cosmetics, health care products, daily necessities, etc. The products have excellent printing and post-processing suitability, and fully meet the requirements of high-quality color box packaging. Products are subdivided into double-sided coated white cardboard, SBS (double-sided coated) white cardboard, laser coding special paper products are used for various high-grade color box packaging, greeting cards, books and picture albums, etc. Technical index of product structure

Red Tower Coating (Identification Code Anti-counterfeiting) White Cardboard

Product Overview Hongta Coating (Identification Code Anti-counterfeiting) White Cardboard is mainly developed for high-end medicine, cosmetics, health care products and other market areas with anti-counterfeiting needs. In addition to the excellent printing and post-processing suitability of high-grade social cards, the products can be directly implanted with "unique" anti-counterfeiting identification codes (such as company names or trademark patterns) in the papermaking process, thus achieving the effects of anti-counterfeiting from the source, easy identification and difficult imitation, which can greatly reduce the market anti-counterfeiting costs and anti-counterfeiting costs for enterprises. Product segmentation coating (identification code anti-counterfeiting) white cardboard product use high-end medicine, cosmetics, health care products and other series