Hongta Renheng bases itself on the high-end packaging market of tobacco, food, medicine and cosmetics at home and abroad, and adopts the management strategy of "differentiation" To provide customers with "personalized" products and services. The company has "red kernel", "Hongta" and "red plum". "Pinus koraiensis" and other brands, products cover tobacco packaging, food packaging and other high-end social products packaging three major areas. product With excellent printing and packaging adaptability has become the first brand of cigarette and liquid packaging paper in China as well as international well-known brands.

It is the only papermaking enterprise in China that has won the highest award in China's scientific and technological circles - "National Science and Technology Progress First Prize".

Founded in 1991, the company is a large state-owned paper enterprise in China - China Paper Investment Co., Ltd. under the high-end packaging paper industry The core platform of the plate is also the first domestic production of high-grade coated white card paper, and successfully replaced the production of imported similar products. Enterprises.


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Red Tower coated (logo code anti-counterfeiting) white card paper is mainly developed for high-end medical, cosmetics, health products and other anti-counterfeiting market areas. Mainly for high-end medical, cosmetics, health products, daily necessities, clothing, toys, electronic products, greeting cards, book and picture album covers and other market packaging areas

White card paper series for cigarette packs

FBB high-grade white smoke card fiber anti-counterfeiting coated white cardboard coated glass card paper

Fully meet the high-speed gravure, offset, convex, flexo printing and other printing methods.

And stamping, laminating, composite, transfer and other processing technology requirements.

(logo anti-counterfeiting) white cardboard double-sided coated white card paper red plum high pine thickness coated red plum top coating

High grade and personalized social white cardboard series

Korean pine top paper cup paper is suitable for making all kinds of high-grade hot and cold water cups. The product has good printability and edge penetration resistance, which can fully meet the high speed. The technological requirements for making cups of paper cups.

Food film card series

Pinus koraiensis, high grade paper cups, film coated paper, Korean pine noodle bowl, film coated paper, Korean pine film, light coated paper cups.

Korean pine, high grade paper cup, coated paper, high-grade film, bowl, paper coating (anti oil) white cardboard.

Gao Song thickness coated white cardboard (food grade)

Food grade coated white card series

Hongta coated yellow core white cardboard is mainly for high-end cigarette packaging market, the product has excellent printing.And post-processing adaptability, which fully meet the printing of high-speed gravure, offset, convex and flexo printing. Type, as well as bronzing, laminating, composite, transfer and other processing technology requirements.


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