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2022 Zhuhai Huafeng Coal Transportation and Transfer Project Bidding Document




independent bidding project

Zhuhai Huafeng Coal Transportation and In-plant Transfer

Service Item


(Project number: HTRH2022-0414)




public biddingFile







Tenderee: Zhuhai Huafeng Paper Co., Ltd.








Part ITender Notice


Tender Notice

Zhuhai Huafeng Paper Co., Ltd. for coal transportation and in-plant transfer servicesconduct open tendering and welcome bids from eligible biddersThe relevant matters are as follows:

1. item number: HTRH2022-0414

2. projectName:Zhuhai HuafengCoal transportation and in-plant transfer service project

Total budget amount of 3. project: RMB 1,700,400 Yuan only (1,740,900.00 Yuan)

Budget amount by project:The transportation volume budget is 13 (10,000 tons) and the budget amount is 12.08 yuan/ton;

          The budget for the transfer of coal is 110,000 tons, with a budget of 1.55 yuan/ton.

4. project content and requirements:

12. Project content and technical requirements: see "Part II User Requirements" in the bidding document for details"

2Source of project funds: self-financing of enterprises.

3Submission of alternatives is not permitted for this project.

5.★Bidder Qualification Requirements:

1Bidder to mentionFor legal representativesCopy of qualification certificate of person (or person in charge)and legal representative(or responsible person)The original power of attorney is stamped with the official seal; (If the representative participating in the bidding is the legal representative, the legal representative is not required(or responsible person)Power of Attorney)

2,Bidders must have legal transportation qualifications. There are more than 8 self-owned vehicles that meet the transportation standards for coal vehicles (they must be fully enclosed and environmentally friendly coal dump trucks with a capacity of more than 17 tons) or more than 10 leased vehicles. The lease period must be longer than the end of the validity period of our contract. All vehicles must meet the vehicle annual inspection standards. ("above" does not include this number)

33. The bidding documents shall provide a copy of the business license or public institution legal person certificate or social organization legal person registration certificate (stamped with official seal) of legal person or other organizations registered in the People's Republic of China. If the bidder is a natural person, a copy of the natural person identity certificate shall be provided. If the state stipulates otherwise, the above contents shall be stamped with the official seal of the bidder. Branch bidding, it is necessary to obtain a power of attorney issued by the head office (head office) with legal personality to the branch, and provide copies of the business license (practice license) of the head office (head office) and the branch with the official seal of the bidder. Authorized by the head office (head office), the relevant qualification certificate obtained by the head office (head office) is valid for the branch, unless otherwise stipulated by laws, regulations or industry;

41. Before the execution of the contract, the bidder shall arrange a full-time personnel for transportation service scheduling, and a full-time personnel shall be responsible for safety management. Project leaders and safety management personnel shall provide safety production management personnel certificates that meet national requirements. If it is not held at the time of bidding, the Letter of Commitment of the Project Leader and Safety Manager to Serve the Project with the Certificate of Safety Production Management Personnel shall be provided in a self-prepared format.

5The bidder must promise to purchase safety production liability insurance after winning the bid (requirements:First, the limit of liability for casualties per worker is not less9510,000 yuan of accident insurance, each accident liability limit is not less.300million, and second, the address of the insured place (insured area, insured production/Warehousing/Operation/Sales address) must be the address of our company, third, there must be no special agreement to exclude the underwriting of production safety accidents caused by dangerous operations). The "Letter of Commitment for the Purchase of Safety Production Liability Insurance" shall be provided. The letter of commitment shall be in a self-made format and shall be signed and confirmed by the legal representative and stamped with the official seal.

63. A written statement of professional and technical ability necessary for the performance of the contract shall be provided in the bidding documents (a Letter of Statement of Professional and Technical Qualification shall be provided in a self-prepared format. If necessary, relevant certification materials may be submitted to the tenderee at any time for verification.

73. A written statement that the bidder has no major illegal records in its business activities within 3 years before participating in government procurement activities (calculated from the date of issuance of the tender announcement), and a written statement shall be provided in the tender documents (see the annex to the tender documents for the format);

82. Credit Information: Bidders are not included in the record list of "dishonest enforcers" or "list of parties involved in major tax violations" or "list of serious illegal and dishonest government procurement" in the "Credit China" website (, and are not prohibited from participating in government procurement activities in the "Information Record of Serious Illegal and dishonest Government Procurement" of China Government Procurement Network (, provide the information materials corresponding to the above website for printing and affixing the official seal.

■ Note:

(1) This project does not accept the consortium bid, does not allow subcontracting, subcontracting.

(2) The legal representative or the person in charge of the unit is the same person or different bidders with direct holding and management relationships, and may not participate in the bidding activities of the same bid section of the project at the same time (provide the Bidder Qualification Statement Letter);

(3) If the bidder or its affiliates provide overall design, specification preparation or project management, supervision, testing and other services for this procurement bidding project, they are not allowed to participate in the bidding of this project (provide the Bidder Qualification Statement Letter);

(4) Bidders must register with the bidding agency and purchase the bidding documents.

6. eligible Bidder shall20225 May to 10 May 2022During the period (09:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. and 13:30 p. m. to 16:30 p. m., except for legal holidays, not less than 5 working days), sign up for the purchase of bidding documents according to the following methods. Each set of bidding documents is priced at 300 yuan (RMB) and will not be refunded after sales.


Note: The following information and other relevant precautions shall be provided when purchasing the bidding documents:

1Method of obtaining bidding documents:

Online Registration:Bidders download and fill in the "Registration Form for Purchase of Bidding Documents" from the Internet, affix the official seal of the bidder together with the voucher for payment of the bidding documents, scan and send it to the mailbox of the tenderee ( The registration is successful after the Registration Form for Purchase of Bidding documents is approved and the payment of the bidding documents is successful.

2Account information of purchase and remittance of bidding documents:

Account Name: Zhuhai Huafeng Paper Co., Ltd.

Bank: Zhuhai Jinji Sub-branch of China Construction Bank Corporation

Bank account number: 44001646441053001515

7. time for submission of bid documents:2022May 25, 2002, 13:30-14:00 (Beijing time)

8. Bid Deadline:2022May 25, 2002, 14:00 (Beijing time)

9. Place of submission of bid documents: Hongta Renheng Packaging Co., Ltd., 508 Qianshan Jinji West Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City.

10. time of bid opening and evaluation:2022May 25, 2002, 14:00 (Beijing time)

XI. Place of Bid Opening and Evaluation:Hongta renheng packaging co., ltd., 508 jinji west road, qianshan, xiangzhou district, zhuhai city.

XII. Contact Matters

Contact information of the tenderee:

Name of Tenderee:Zhuhai Huafeng Paper Co., Ltd.

Address: Hongta Renheng Packaging Co., Ltd., 508 Jinji West Road, Qianshan, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City

Contact: Liang Huadi

Tel: 0756-8666721

Supervision and reporting telephone number: 0759-2370065



Zhuhai Huafeng Paper Co., Ltd.

20225 May of the year





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