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Forklift Outsourcing Project of Zhuhai Hongta Renheng Packaging Co., Ltd.



According to the "the People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law", "the People's Republic of China Tendering and Bidding Law", "Guangdong Province implements 《the People's Republic of China to the provisions of the Bidding Law, Zhuhai Hongta Renheng Packaging Co., Ltd. is looking for service providers for the company's forklift outsourcing project, and domestic qualified suppliers are welcome to participate.

1. Project No:HTRH20191204

2. Project Name: Forklift Outsourcing Project of Zhuhai Hongta Renheng Packaging Co., Ltd.

3. Project content: see project requirements for details

4. Cooperation period: three years (the contract can be renewed if the satisfaction reaches the standard)

Deadline for registration:201912Month13th morning.9Point.

5. Place of on-site registration: Zhuhai Hongta Renheng Packaging Co., Ltd. (Jinji West Road, Zhuhai City508No.)

Service Provider Qualification Requirements:

① An enterprise legal person with the ability to independently bear civil liability and officially registered in mainland the People's Republic of China (provide a copy of the business license of the enterprise legal person with the official seal);

② Declaration letter with no record of major violations;

④ Provide a copy of similar performance (original contract);

Business scope includes warehousing services, logistics and transportation, labor dispatch;

In"Credit China" website (, China Government Procurement Network ( Not included in the list of untrustworthy persons subject to enforcement, the list of parties involved in major tax violations, the list of records of serious violations of government procurement and other bidders that do not meet the prescribed conditions;

6, payment method: monthly settlement.

7. Project requirements:

① Hongta workIncluding but not limited to the following:Raw materials (paddle board, chemical industry, packaging materials, hardware and other auxiliary materials) into and out of the warehouse, raw materials (paddle board, paper return, chemical industry, and other auxiliary materials) feeding, finished products into and out of the warehouse, paddle board/package material/Finished goods, etc. Inventory transfer to pile or warehouse, slitting paper/Changed paper/Back papermaking/Transshipment of rotten paper, replacement of trademarks of finished paper, unloading of returned paper (returned finished products that have been sent out of the warehouse), recycling and restacking of discarded articles (scrap iron lines, wood boards, empty chemical barrels, chemical bags, etc.) and loading business;

② The personnel equipped with forklift shall not be less45People;

A full-time safety officer must be provided;


Zhuhai Hongta RenhengPackaging SharesLimited Company

Contact Phone: Huang Yu13825628214


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